World diabetes day

World diabetes day - Blue Circle Voices

Today is World diabetes day. For that matter, it‘s November and in that month we try to educate others about diabetes. For me, diabetes has marked me and my family for life and that is ok.

My father has had Type I diabetes for approx 40 years now. When growing up we usually didn’t notice that he had T1D, he never complained about it. Captain on a shipping vessel with 8-10 souls he was told he couldn’t do it. He never gave in. In later years he started to show symptoms of memory loss. We, his sons, would joke about that and so did he.

But when he was diagnosed with cancer and it had spread to his brain, we got ever so more worried. At that time he had forgot if he’d measured his glucose or even if he injected or not. So when we were told his tumor would affect his memory I started looking for a solution for my dad. I could not find it! I still can’t as I am still trying to get it funded, but working on that. I know I have the solution, but I fear it will be too late for my dad. If I can help anyone else live a better, safer life I will be happy.

My mom, two brothers and my sister also have diabetes, type 2 diabetes. Even though the reasons behind how and why they got type 2 is different then my dads it‘s nontheless a terrible condition to battle. Usually type 2 is just the start of your health deteriating and other complications are to follow.

The condition can be reveresed but takes alot of hard work. Not everybody can‘t but I salute the ones who can. I know only 1-2 people that have done that and they are heroes to me.

So to sum this up a little. Diabetes is a difficult condition to tackle but it is manageble. My startups wants to help people manage their diabetes better. We‘ve developed an app that utilizes computer vision and AI to read from analog insulin pens and glucometers.

That is just the data entry point but also we have a data platform that processes your data for better visulization of your glucose readings and insulin injections. This is a simple to use tool,pretty straight forward user interface and we want to keep things simple. What we also do is to learn your behaviour as to when you measure, when you inject and we can then notify you if you are forgetting to measure or inject.

You can also create your own care cirle. That means, you will be notified if you are forgetting, if you don‘t act on it, for some reason (hypo) we can alert your family or friend you choose to help you out. You can have the third layer who might be a nurse or a doctor. So all in all, help you self manage and be healthier. We can also help you with your nutrition and movements (sports) in order to minimize the drugs you else need.

If you would get rid of all drugs, we‘d love that. That would mean we have helped you get full health again. We are patient centric which means, we want to help you be better.