Medilync accepted into Microsoft IoT & AI insider lab

Microsoft IoT & AI insider lab

Early this week, Medilync was accepted to paricipate in the IoT & AI lab the Microsoft runs world wide. What this means is that Medilync can run faster with the demo building. When companies are building IoT solutions that need to scale to millions of devices, the architecture needs to be secure to withstand appropriate standards of the industry. Microsoft prides itself of being a front runner when it comes to security and maintaining standards and requirements.

,,This invite tells us how Microsoft really seems to value our partnership. It‘s been really close so far, but this shows that they do want to help us get this technology out in the hands of people fighting diabetes.“

Said CEO and Co-founder, Sigurjon Lydsson.

„We are very excited to be joining the engineers at Microsoft again and can‘t wait to get our little startup closer to reality“.

Here is a little video about the IoT & AI lab.