Icelandic startup Medilync Engages Women‘s College Hospital in Toronto

Women's College Hospital

In April 2019, a delegation of 15 Nordic companies visited Toronto as part of an accelerated market entry program aimed at understanding the MedTech and Health Care industries in Ontario and Canada. The visit consisted of site visits and educational sessions from health experts from a variety of organizations such as MaRS, Health Canada, West Park Healthcare, and Women‘s College Hospital. These 15 companies were the first group representing the Nordic Health Collective, an innovation and knowledge-sharing platform that aims to match solutions with needs between Canada and the Nordic countries across various healthcare segments.

Assisted by the Nordic-Canada Health Collective program, Medilync‘s products were chosen to be evaluated by the Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health Systems Solutions and Virtual Care (WIHV) in Toronto, ON. WIHV provides expertise in the fields of health technology assessment and Canadian health policy. Utilizing information collected from Medilync, WIHV completed an in-depth technological assessment of their two core products, Insulync and Cloudlync. The assessment provides the company with actionable steps as they look to maximize the integration of Medilync into the Ontario healthcare system.

“We believe that there is potential for Medilync‘s solution in the Ontario health space, given its current focus on patient experience and diabetes. Our assessment provides their team with clear recommendations as they move forward,“

said Ivy Wong, Senior Policy Lead with WIHV.

“We are so thrilled with the delegation visit and the quality of the sessions and meeting we had during our time in Toronto. We feel that there are excellent learning opportunities and we appreciate the insight the WIHV team has offered us,”

said Sigurjon Lydsson, CEO & Co Founder of Medilync.