New year brings new opportunities

Seal of excellence insulync

The year 2017 was really tough on Medilync and it‘s founders. Only couple of months into the year one of our co founders and CTO decided he wanted to do something different with his life and we respect that of course and bought his shares and started to re-organize. These kind of changes are always […]

Medilync is startup of the year for Microsoft Iceland

Startup of the year - Microsoft Iceland

On Friday, November 10th, Medilync received the Startup of the year, from Microsoft Iceland. Medilync is the first ever icelandic company to receive a BizSpark plus status and also the first company to receive this honor from Microsoft Iceland. “We are thrilled to be recognized by Microsoft Iceland and this award tells us we are […]

Medilync chosen to Microsoft‘s BizSpark plus program

Microsoft BizSpark Plus

Medilync is chosen to Microsoft’s BizSpark Plus program. BizSpark Plus is offered to a select number of start-ups or scale-ups considered to have a high growth potential in their markets. In this upgrade Medilync has been awarded $120,000 of Azure cloud services over two years, as well as technical support and a range of other […]

Medilync accepted into Microsoft IoT & AI insider lab

Microsoft IoT & AI insider lab

Early this week, Medilync was accepted to paricipate in the IoT & AI lab the Microsoft runs world wide. What this means is that Medilync can run faster with the demo building. When companies are building IoT solutions that need to scale to millions of devices, the architecture needs to be secure to withstand appropriate […]

Frederick Banting & Google Doodle

Google - Insulin

We are elated to see the celebration of Sir Frederick Banting’s birthday (born November 14, 1891) by Google as their Google Doodle of the day! Without Sir Banting, our most effective form of diabetes maintenance (i.e., insulin therapy) would not exist. In 1921, Sir Banting began his work on the importance of insulin in combating diabetes. […]