What Are We About

Changing The Way Diabetes Is Treated

The timing is right and we are perfectly positioned to execute on it.

Medilync was founded with the goal of revolutionizing the way diabetes is managed and treated in a value-based care landscape. Medilync begins all product design and development with three key concepts in mind:

(1) alleviating the burden of diabetes with simplicity.

(2) activating and engaging patients, as well as their families, friends and providers

(3) answering the simple question of “would we want our friends and family using it?”

CEO and co-founder, Sigurjon Lydsson, envisioned a simplified device to diminish the overall physical burden of his father’s type-1 diabetes, while enabling Sigurjon, his family, and his providers a cloud storage platform (Cloudlync) to monitor his aging father’s readings and overall progress. Medilync Insulync is a simplified all-in-one device.

Utilizing the unique combination of solutions, a person is now able to test their blood glucose levels, inject with insulin, and have their metrics automatically logged/synced to the cloud for all key stakeholders to see in real-time. Rather than a bag with five separate objects – including a glucose meter, box of testing strips, blood lancet, and two pens (Rapid and Lantus) – Insulync brings them all together in a simplified telehealth device. Cloudlync then enables the patient and their authorized stakeholders with the ability to run simple analytics and utilize action-oriented dashboards, which presents their data along with other relevant data from other linked sources and devices.

Who is Medilync?

Medilync is comprised of IT innovators, behavioral specialists, and healthcare experts all with the common goal of population health management and improvement. The team was intricately formed to create simple solutions for the costliest problems for health systems: engaging patients and their stakeholders; building predictive population health analytics tools with an open cloud platform for integration with countless devices and EMRs; enabling providers with a platform to understand patient outcomes and behaviors between episodes of care.

What is the state of the problem?

Diabetes is now a global pandemic, with an incidence rate that is steadily growing. In the United States, over $250 billion is spent on diabetes ever year, of which over 70% of those costs are preventable stemming from inpatient/acute care treatment, prescription costs for complications, and loss of productivity. These costs have grown over 40% since 2007. If managed properly with an activated and engaged patient, these costs can be vastly mitigated.

Around 90-95% of all diabetes being type-2, which is a condition that is largely caused by behavioral lifestyles. As the condition is brought about by poor lifestyle choices and a lack of engagement in personal health, the costs of diabetes complication are equally pervasive – leading to marginal disease maintenance in between physician office visits which then result in deteriorations in health status, treatment in costly care settings (e.g. inpatient), and treatment with costly procedures and medications.

The causes stem in (1) lack of patient & family engagement, (2) a lack of simplicity of care management, (3) a lack of data sharing between patient and stakeholders, and (4) a lack of ongoing communication between patient and providers between episodes of care. All of which Medilync has designed their solutions to address.

How does Medilync address the problem?

Lack of Patient Engagement & Simplicity

Insulync simplifies the physical burden of diabetes management into a single, high tech device designed to bring about a high touch world for those suffering from the disease. This high touch care management device leverages automatic data logging in Cloudlync to be shared to the patient’s key stakeholders in real-time, including family, entrusted friends/neighbors, and providers. Without a simple disease management device and an automatic way to alert their trusted stakeholders, engaging in their health behaviors and outcomes becomes increasingly difficult. Moreover, Insulync automatically reminds the user to test glucose levels and alerts those trusted stakeholders if a reading has been missed. Medilync takes over a significant portion of the burden of disease stemming from patient engagement and the complexity of care plan adherence.

Lack of Data Sharing & Communication

Data is critical for patients and their families. Without real-time information, those involved in the management of the disease have a very difficult time being informed of the progress of the disease, e.g. when did my father/son last check his glucose levels? Insulync automatically syncs data to Cloudlync, without requiring patients to log any information. The data is then presented in actionable dashboards and pushed to the stakeholders in real-time (via mobile solutions, EMR integration, etc.), with the goal of opening the line of data sharing and communication between home visits and episodes of care.

Medilync is changing the way diabetics treat and manage their disease. Whether it is a teenager spending time with his friends, a woman preparing for a board presentation, or a senior alone in their home, our solutions are creating a simple environment for care plan adherence, patient-stakeholder communication, and patient & family engagement.